Breathing circles

Group sessions are powerful way to move energy and transform your life, they are offered in a form of classes - breathing circles, typically 1,5- 2 hours long. Breathing circles are a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the work and the community, and to provide ongoing support.

Group sessions provide the power of the group breathing together with the intention of healing, growth, recharging, understanding and acceptance of self and what is. As the group drops into their session together, energy builds, and a sense of individuality can soften and connection can deepen. One person can support another energetically to relax and let go. Music, singing, dance or other creative expression might be included in the process according to the group needs.

Typically sessions are done in quiet, enabling the experience of each individual participant to develop at its own pace, and in its own way. Breathers are guided and supported by trained Clarity Breathwork practitioner to help them process themselves and move energy. End of the session might be accompanied by music that serves as an additional guide in the process. As with individual sessions, experiences vary widely from person to person and session to session. Emotions, thoughts, and memories stored in the body often reveal themselves as they move out of the system. Heightened states of clarity, bliss, forgiveness, and gratitude are common.

After the session, breathers are invited to share with partners and/or with the group. Sharing the breathwork experience aids integration, and often brings awareness of what happened to a deeper level. It is a heart opening and empowering experience to witness each others process and see that you are not alone.

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