Sati Katerina Fitzova

Welcome! I am delighted to share with you my passion that became my vocation and my work. And I love what I do.

I am on a path of healing, therapy and meditation for more than 25 years, I am certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, Cranio-sacral Biodynamic therapy and Reflexology Practitioner, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances teacher, meditation leader, and a Doula. I have held awareness & movement groups and individual sessions for the last 15 years in Europe, UK and in Costa Rica.

After my university studies (M.A.), whilst professionally engaged with theater,  performing arts and journalism, I started a search for different, more authentic and healthy life style which led me in 2001 to an ecological forest community PachaMama in Costa Rica. During the 18 years living intensively with the PachaMama forest tribe, I learned a lot about depth of healing, stillness, awakening of the heart, celebration of life, a healthy nourishing diet, raw desserts and divine cacao; I learned to honor simplicity of life in traditional native ways of red road from the north and from the south and share my gratitude with the road men and medicine women through prayers, music, dance, women circles and ceremonies.

I am returning every year to my PachaMama forest tribe for inspiration, to deepen my own path through regular participation in Silent retreats, Vipassana, Yoga, assisting in awareness and therapy groups, attending shamanic healing work, as well as various educational modules and seminars that constantly enrich quality of my own life and enhance my vocational skills. (

I live currently in Newcastle under Lyme in North Staffordshire (UK) with my partner and I offer individual sessions and workshops in Stone, Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme and regularly also in London, and as well in Europe.

Clarity Breathwork therapy brought a major shift to my life and I fell in love with it. I passionately share this gentle therapy tool in groups - breathing circles and through individual sessions.

Besides Clarity Breathwork therapy I offer individual healing sessions in CranioSacral Biodynamic therapy, Reflexology and Counselling, and an individual interactive program for women - The Moon within - Cyclical womb wisdom and feminine power.

You can also attend any of the Workshops: The Healing power of Breath, Breathing circles, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances - The Embodied presence and The Moon within.

I am fully insured, with recent CRB.

Further Qualifications:

  • Paramana Doula course with Dr. Michel Odent, London 2015

  • Pre and Perinatal sequence imprinting with Ray Castellino, London 2016

  • Working with babies, mothers and pregnancy with Sarah Nesling, London 2016

  • Trauma and healing: An exploration of mental illness, addiction and disease with Dr. Gabor Mate, London 2017

Clarity Breathwork with Sati — what a beautiful experience! I had been moved by Sati’s gentle loving presence and when I discovered that she was offering breathwork I was an enthusiastic YES. I am glad I trusted my instincts. For each session, I experienced her holding an exquisite loving space, deeply discussing my life for current themes, and then diving into the great mystery through the breath. Her love and devotion to this work also touched my heart and certainly made it easier for my letting go which opened up magical journeys and revelations.


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