Healing power of breath in Chiron Institute

  • Chiron Institute Stoke on Trent MInton house Stoke on Trent

Breathe - Release - Recharge - Rejuvenate

Breathing circle is a great opportunity to take a conscious deep breath, balance our emotions and collect ourselves in clarity of our intentions.
When we breath fully, we live more fully - we allow ourselves to let go of old unnecessary obstacles that are preventing us from living a full compassionate life, opening up and finding kind freshness in relating towards ourselves and others.

Explore your potential through the movement, dropping into the body, meditation, short awareness inquiry and gentle conscious connected breath.

Contribution: £12
Advanced bookings advised on 07523773765
more information about the breathing circles here

Sati is an experienced certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner and passionately shares the gente transformative power of breath in groups and private sessions. She is on a path of healing and meditation for more than 20 years, holding events in UK, Europe and Central America.