Upcoming Breathing circles and workshops in 2017:  8th May in Stone (Staff.), 13th May in London, 16th May in Stoke on Trent, 21st May in Amsterdam, 5th June in Stone (Staff.), 10th June in London, 13th June in Stoke on Trent, 15th-17th September in Slovakia; for more information and events click HERE


Breathe fully, Release stress and tension, Heal and resolve trauma, Enhance pleasure and joy in relationships, Access your own internal healing source, Increase vitality and inner peace

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Classes and workshops

Breathing circles, Conscious breath and body awareness, Guided meditation, Gurdjieff Sacred Movements

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Enjoy the non-intrusive massage of pressure points and areas on the feet and hands that correspond to different body organs and systems, Beneficial effect on the organs and general health

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CranioSacral Biodynamic Therapy

Gentle healing touch of stillness for supporting the health and the immune system, Restoration of autonomic nervous system, Enhancing the flow of fluids, Post-traumatic treatment

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Birth companion and postnatal assistance for mum and her family. Feel safe, comfortable and empowered during this very special time. Wisdom of authentic birth

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After getting warmly recommended by a friend to do sessions with Sati, I experienced my first breath work sessions which were amazing and very enlightening. After the fourth session I felt things profoundly shifting.  [....] Pine Van Den Berg, Holland
I am deeply grateful for Sati`s wonderful guidance and support through this amazing journey. It surely is difficult to explain to someone how deep and profound this experience can be. Even if you are only curious about it. I would highly recommend to drop any hesitation and give yourself the opportunity of this amazing healing process with Sati. [...]
Rakesh, Germany

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