Glastonbury Impressions

Yeah.. I made it to Glastonbury Festival!!! My first. And I was lucky enough to be part of the Tipi Crew and worked my way in to this quarter of a million crowd experience, camping in a tent in a relatively cozy and friendly space of the Tipi field.

Besides an overwhelmingly rich music menu, my radars were absorbed a lot also in the visual art installations and all art possible in T&C (Theatre and Cabaret / Circus) field.  One has to let go of planned gigs, marked enthusiastically in the festival magazine, and rather roam goal-lessly around music, crafts, arts, acrobats and variety of workshops spread through the acres and acres of the farm and receive any experience offered. It is the only way to enjoy and stay sane while walking miles and miles in midds of never-ending party, noise, mix of odors, human traffic-jams, and the heat. The 2017 was a dusty hot festival indeed. No mud, just a refreshing rain. The party goes on 24/7.  It never stops. Only three days after I came back home, the internal buzz slowed down, keeping the impressions and kaleidoscope of memories with the wish to go back for the next one. It was overwhelming. It was nourishing. And it was one of THE experiences you want to have at least once a life.

P.S. I nearly forgot, same as most mainstream media actually did. With so much rubbish left behind after such a massive festival I have to highlight the environmental awareness projects of the Greenpeace and Green-fields place. Besides art installations it was a delight to be using compostable plates, cups and cutlery all over festival, solar powered showers and phone chargers. Some stalls even refused the plastic straw fashion. Sure we are able to drink without them! And celebrate not only music but the cleaner life on this planet earth!

The tech-companion worship club

I have to ask myself why do we choose to behave more like machines and we are not even aware of it? Unconsciously being slaves to our minds and believes, and in a sort of tech-mirror way, worshiping our devices and applications too. Why are we looking for a fake "fast-food" virtual attention instead of a real life connections? Often it is not nourishing but even more depressing. There could be written miles of books on the cause of our modern virtual addiction, targeting the true reasons why we get rather attached to artificial friend than to a real one. What does it say about our emotional maturity, individual and social?