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Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

Harmonizing the body, mind and the heart

"I enjoyed Gurdjieff Movements with Sati and I kept coming back because of the element of surprise and how good it made me feel. The movement kept me centered and I could never expect what was going to happen. I enjoyed it very much." Keren, Israel

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances are a powerful and transformative tool for self observation, centering and maintaining state of presence. Filled with solemn beauty and purity, these dances are harmonizing and aligning our mind and feelings together with movement of the body, and manifesting them together in a meditative dance through effortless attention.

Structured movements equally engage all parts of our being – the physical, the mental and the emotional, and challenge our automatism, habits, patterns and our sense of limitations. Centering practice through the movements is encouraging us to be more aware of our actions, words, gestures, sensations, feelings, ideas, and in the same time being aware of a deep source within ourselves – a silent pool of presence, from where we can observe and live life.